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Giving Newgrounds another shot

2016-10-02 13:36:41 by Oavatos

It's been probably 5 years since I posted anything to Newgrounds. There's been a lot of new content, but none of it really took off, so i've decided to share some of the SfK project with you folks for free...

I'm looking for a platform to network with other content creators, and am really interested in production for video games and videos. I'm looking for all the work I can get. Hit me up on facebook or skype, or even in the messages here. My name's Skyler Ulery, and my skypes oavatos1001001. I look forward to working with some other independent peeps.

DJ Oavatos

2009-01-24 13:49:53 by Oavatos

yo, I'm DJ Oavatos. the mastermind behind the Dragon on Salvia project. Dragon on salvia is one of my song titles but after much thinking thats is the title of my actual project. I'm an aspiring male to female transgender, and love producing. you can get to my myspace here, which will let you access some of my longer songs. Enjoy